Hire an Overseas Caregiver

The federal government offers one of the newest permanent residency programs for foreign caregivers: the Home Support Worker Pilot. This immigration program helps overseas caregivers to work and apply for permanent residence—with or without qualifying experience. Similarly, it allows families like yours to hire a foreign caregiver in Canada.

Why hire a foreign caregiver in Canada through the Home Support Worker Pilot?

Continuity of Quality Care

With the shortage of local caregivers available to provide live-in care, hiring a foreign caregiver in Canada will look appealing to you as it ensures continuing senior care at home.

Easier,  Hiring Process

With the possibility of becoming a permanent resident, along with their family members, any foreign caregiver will not hesitate to accept your job offer.

The Home Support Worker Pilot provides in-home caregivers with the opportunity to become a permanent resident once they have completed two years of related work experience in Canada (if they haven’t yet). It also lets their family members come to Canada to work or study while they are completing the eligible work experience.

We Can Provide Help

We understand the struggle every family or senior care facility goes through when it comes to hiring caregivers and more importantly, retaining them. This is why we are here to provide help. We can be there with you—from candidate sourcing to hiring—and your caregiver—from work permit to permanent residency application.

For more information about how to hire a foreign caregiver in Canada, you may call us at (866)920-2457 or email us at inquiry@osimtovcare.com.